1. I'll Give You the Sun
    Artist twins, family secret
  2. Eleanor & Park
    Dorky girl falls in love w asian boy
  3. Thirteen Reasons Why
    Girl commits suicide and writes letters to the thirteen people who contributed to why
  4. Night Circus
    Long book but my FAVORITE BOOK. SO BEAUTIFUL
  5. Brain on Fire
    True story of 20-something who's brain starts to fall apart
  6. Montana 1948
    small town, one event, lots of secrets
  7. Patty Jane's House of Curl
    Takes place in MN
  8. The Weight of Silence
    Small town, two girls go missing, one is mute. Each chapter told from different characters point of view
  9. The Story of a Beautiful Girl
    Blind girl, mute boy, have baby and leave it on a doorstep
  10. Lucky by Alice Sebold
    True story of author who was raped
  11. A Girl named Zippy
    True stories of Zippy growing up. I loled.
  12. Room
    5 yr old Jacob has only ever lived in one 9x9 room. AMAZING
  13. The Husband's Secret
    One town, lots of characters, one secret
  14. This is Where I Leave You
    Family's father dies and everyone has to come sit shiva for 7 days.
  15. Orphan Train
    Alternating timelines, orphans... Takes place in MN
  16. The Rosie Project
    Autistic man searches for love
  17. Did You Ever Have a Family
    One town, one family, lots of secrets
  18. We are called to rise
    The lives of various characters intertwined by one event. Each chapter told from the perspective of a different character.