1. Donald Trump
  2. Friends who pass on hanging out so they can get laid
    Really is the sex that good? We were going to make cake.
  3. My dog refuses to eat food out of a bowl
    I either have to drop each piece on the floor or let him lick it up out of my hand
  4. My LUSH cosmetics package arrived today partially melted
    My luxury bath melt melted luxuriously
  5. Also, the packing peanuts spilled
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    Possibly the dogs fault
  6. Stereotypes in YA novels
    I could be more specific but there's too many to name
  7. The background nagging reminder that all my problems are first world
    Which just makes me feel worse about feeling bad about these problems (it never ends)
  8. Most of the people I told to download the ListApp haven't yet
  9. My chinchilla appreciation post went unnoticed
  10. Donald Trump
  11. People who "like Bernie Sanders" but think it's best to vote for Hillary "just because"
    If you like someone, just vote for them. Why is this so hard?
  12. Trickle down economics
  13. My dog destroyed one of my brand new socks
    They were so cute. Had little bears on them.
  14. People who spit in library books