Part 1 of many love notes to MJ
  1. My pet is a chinchilla
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  2. A chinchilla named Mick Jagger
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  3. Chinchillas are the softest domesticated animal. Petting MJ is like touching heaven
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  4. MJ can give me kisses without slobbering all over my face
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  5. He is extremely photogenic and loves posing for pictures
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  6. He knows how to beg for treats in a way that makes it impossible to say no
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  7. He has more personality then most humans I know, for example, this is his angry face
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  8. Innocent face 😇😊
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  9. Winky face 😉
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  10. "Let's get down to business" face
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  11. I would have him audition for Americas next top model, but his poses are so on point that it wouldn't be fair to the others
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  12. He understands the importance of pampering oneself
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  13. But most of all he's always there for me
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  14. To listen patiently to all my problems
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  15. To sit on my shoulder and offer snuggles
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  16. To watch dodger games with me (and absorb my tears when the dodgers lose tragically)
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  17. To put up with all of my bull shit
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  18. He is more than my pet
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  19. He is my best friend
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  20. He is my MJ ❤️
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