Why My Pet Is Better Than Yours

Part 1 of many love notes to MJ
  1. My pet is a chinchilla
  2. A chinchilla named Mick Jagger
  3. Chinchillas are the softest domesticated animal. Petting MJ is like touching heaven
  4. MJ can give me kisses without slobbering all over my face
  5. He is extremely photogenic and loves posing for pictures
  6. He knows how to beg for treats in a way that makes it impossible to say no
  7. He has more personality then most humans I know, for example, this is his angry face
  8. Innocent face 😇😊
  9. Winky face 😉
  10. "Let's get down to business" face
  11. I would have him audition for Americas next top model, but his poses are so on point that it wouldn't be fair to the others
  12. He understands the importance of pampering oneself
  13. But most of all he's always there for me
  14. To listen patiently to all my problems
  15. To sit on my shoulder and offer snuggles
  16. To watch dodger games with me (and absorb my tears when the dodgers lose tragically)
  17. To put up with all of my bull shit
  18. He is more than my pet
  19. He is my best friend
  20. He is my MJ ❤️