1. I obviously don't remember my first birthday parties but according to pictures I had an Elmo cake. The icing ended up on my face and I looked like I was severely bleeding.
  2. One time I went to Jamboree
  3. Snow White came to my house for my 6th birthday.
  4. One time I had a birthday party and I made all of my friends bring their American girl dolls and we treated them like real people. I was turning 10.
  5. For my thirteenth birthday, my mom threw a surprise party with my friends. I cried more than once.
  6. My parents abandoned me on my fifteenth birthday to go to Florida. I had to stay with my mommom
  7. My friends tried to have a surprise party for me when I turned 16 but I found out all of the surprises. It was still fun.
  8. For my seventeenth birthday we got sushi and drove around while subsequently screaming obscenities at people in the long line at Brusters.