I'm working this week, spring break week, for many reasons too dull to post. That does not mean I'm actually getting work done.
  1. My kids are out of school
    Doesn't it seem like we should be creating spring break memories together? I'm just sitting here lamenting my lack of spring break.
  2. My kids are at day camps which sound amazing. Cool enough if there were an adult version I would go. All I want to do is rush out, pick them up, and hear all about it.
    Maybe every town has great camps. Maybe not. This is a college town, which brings an intellectual element to the mix. The oldest is at some camp IN AN ACTUAL PLANETARIUM. No actual rockets nearby, but close. The other two are at the natural history museum. All three will probably be smarter than me by the end of the day
  3. It is the start of the bloggers quilt festival.
    I quilt. When I'm not quilting, I think about when I can quilt again. Or shop online for pictures of quilts. Today there are so many to see. #igquiltfest. Serious eye candy. Serious ideas. All I want to do is rush home and cut fabric up and see it back together!
  4. My hands smell funny
    What is up with that? All day. Weird. Tried washing. Repeatedly. Finally decided I just need a shower. At home.
  5. The weather is amazing.
    Seriously. 65 degrees. When I'm not quilting I run. And I should running right now. Instead I'm at this desk. Counting down the hours. Tick tock.