A list of bad puns about chard.
  1. What do you call a TV show about an über rich chard family famous for being famous?
    Keeping up with the Chardashians
  2. What do you call a Netflix hit series about cutthroat political chards in the White House?
    House of Chards
  3. What do you call a comedy of errors about a teenage chard graduating from high school into adulthood during the 1990s?
    Can't Chardly Wait
  4. What do you tell an uptight chard who can't find love because he doesn't know how to be vulnerable?
    Let your chard down
  5. What do you call a hit album recorded by a foursome of shaggy-haired British chards?
    Chard Day's Night
  6. What do you call an offensive social game in which chards try to be as horrible as possible in order to get a shock laugh?
    Chards Against Humanity
  7. What do you call the third in a trilogy of action movies about a jaded chard detective and his reluctant partner trying to save New York City from terrorist chards?
    Die Chard with a Vengeance
  8. What's the anthem of chard orphans forced to live under the care of a cruel, undersexed hag willing to exploit them for labor and riches?
    It's a Chard Knock Life