Because all of the cool kids are doing it. It's actually kind of great to stop and think about what I really want, for once, instead of being an incessant people-pleaser. @ChrisK
  1. Make me laugh.
    It's the hottest thing. Somebody who can show levity in any situation is somebody who has perspective on life. Also, funny people are intelligent people, as a generality.
  2. Know how I take my coffee...
    or my pizza, or my margarita. Anything, really. Just show me that you're paying attention and that you give a damn.
  3. Respect my fears.
    I am terrified of heights, among other things. Don't pressure me to get on a roller-coaster with you. Acknowledge that my fears are valid, and then let it go.
  4. Dance with me. Sing with me.
  5. Talk about music and movies with me.
    Actually act like you value my opinions... People spend their lifetimes cultivating their own tastes, and it hurts dearly when those tastes are ripped apart.
  6. Allow me to vent without trying to swoop in and solve my problems.
    I can solve them myself. I just need a sounding board. I understand that you are hardwired to jump into fix-it mode, but all I need is for you to hug me and tell me that I'll be okay.
  7. Grab my butt.
    If we're at home and you walk past me without a butt-grab, I feel dejected. I like my butt, and I want you to like it, too.
  8. Be an adventurous eater.
    I can't picture myself being charmed by a picky eater. For me, it correlates to having a flaccid personality.
  9. Love baseball.
    This is negotiable, but if a man has the patience to follow a "slow" sport and can stay focused through 162 games per season, then I automatically like him 30% more. Bonus points for going to a game with me and filling out a scorecard.
  10. Be kind to others.
  11. Love animals.
    If we meet a dog in the park and you geek out over said dog, I might be putty in your hands.
  12. Kiss my ear.
    But don't lick it. Eww.
  13. Take me to Taco Bell.
    Yes, I know that it's bad for me, and yes, I know that there is much better "Mexican" food right down the street. I love it. It's my thing. Let it go.
  14. Be good at trivia.