the online equivalent of me screaming into the void
  1. my math textbook cost $144.98 and was not bound.
    it's literally a 2-inch-thick stack of hole-punched papers. like ur profit from this sale is probably $143.00 and you couldn't even bother to fucking BIND the damn book????!?
  2. donald trump
  3. i can't take a snapchat video and keep my music playing from my speakers
    how else am i supposed to look cool on the internet ?
  4. i can never tell who someone is based on their bitmoji on snapmap
    then i end up clicking on all these irrelevant hoes and my supersleuthing is delayed
  5. i catch almost nothing when it is thrown at me
    but i catch feelings faster than a british peasant catches the black plague in the 14th century
  6. nobody reads this
    but i'm so funny, pay attention to me ‼️🚨😤
  7. stupid foolish boys
    and stupid foolish me for getting involved w them lol
  8. donald trump
  9. MATH