Counting only George Lucas movies for now.
  1. Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker
    You can't disagree, he's the most famous villain of all time. But we can understand he's not all bad, it was a matter of good and bad choices. But underneath all that rough image, Vader has a good heart. Besides he was a very powerful jedi and after all he's THE chosen one.
  2. Han Solo
    Our favorite pilot and the perfect bad boy. He seduced Princess Leia and saved Luke's ass several times. And don't let me start about his sense of humour.
  3. Yoda
    Must on the list Yoda be. A legend of the galaxy he is, can not make a list of Star Wars and mention he not.
  4. Darth Sidious
    Liking him or not, he's extremely powerful and even turned Anakin to the Dark Side. He killed all of the Jedis and ruled the Republic for several years.
  5. R2D2
    The cutest robot. It was a must to R2 fight along with the Skywalkers. He served Anakin and Luke. Besides he's funny and I love how he can get on C3PO nerves.