More like: boyfriends and girl friends. 😂
  1. John fucking Mayer, of course. (@john)
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    I don't have to explain myself, I'm just obsessed by him (himself and his music). I strongly believe he's the love of my life. Lol
  2. Rihanna.
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    Riri is my spirit animal. She is a hell of an artist, still she's original and stylish. I love her sense of humour and personality.
  3. Jared Leto.
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    THE FUCKING JOKER!!! The face of 30stm, a effing oscar winner. No more comments.
  4. Amber Heard.
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    I've always been obsessed by her. We are very alike and I love her very much.
  5. Emma Stone.
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    She's adorable, funny, beautiful and I'd love her to be my friend. ❤️
  6. Norman Reedus.
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    Because he's Daryl Dixon and I feel like it.
  7. Ryan Tedder.
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    Bitch please, he's one the most badass songwriters of all time. He's the lead of OneRepublic (my fav band), so of course he's on my list.
  8. Andrew Garfield.
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    He's spiderman, bitch.
  9. Hayden Christensen.
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    My baby skywalker. Darth fucking Vader.
  10. Eric Clapton.
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    I love him so much. 😅 His songs and guitar playing are by far (apart from John's) the best.
  11. Chad Michael Murray.
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    My first crush, I'll never get over him.
  12. Ian Somerhalder.
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    But please don't talk about environment, nature and stuff. Just be Damon.
  13. Kurt Cobain.
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    If he was alive. 😔
  14. Chris Pratt.
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    Love him since Everwood. I love funny people, he'll be very welcomed to my squad.
  15. Adam Levine.
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    Love him, his music and his personality.
  16. Ashley Greene.
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    Asher is my other spirit animal. No more comments.
  17. Zayn Malik.
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    He's handsome, talented, cute and I'd give him my teenage heart. 💀