More like: boyfriends and girl friends. 😂
  1. John fucking Mayer, of course. (@john)
    I don't have to explain myself, I'm just obsessed by him (himself and his music). I strongly believe he's the love of my life. Lol
  2. Rihanna.
    Riri is my spirit animal. She is a hell of an artist, still she's original and stylish. I love her sense of humour and personality.
  3. Jared Leto.
    THE FUCKING JOKER!!! The face of 30stm, a effing oscar winner. No more comments.
  4. Amber Heard.
    I've always been obsessed by her. We are very alike and I love her very much.
  5. Emma Stone.
    She's adorable, funny, beautiful and I'd love her to be my friend. ❤️
  6. Norman Reedus.
    Because he's Daryl Dixon and I feel like it.
  7. Ryan Tedder.
    Bitch please, he's one the most badass songwriters of all time. He's the lead of OneRepublic (my fav band), so of course he's on my list.
  8. Andrew Garfield.
    He's spiderman, bitch.
  9. Hayden Christensen.
    My baby skywalker. Darth fucking Vader.
  10. Eric Clapton.
    I love him so much. 😅 His songs and guitar playing are by far (apart from John's) the best.
  11. Chad Michael Murray.
    My first crush, I'll never get over him.
  12. Ian Somerhalder.
    But please don't talk about environment, nature and stuff. Just be Damon.
  13. Kurt Cobain.
    If he was alive. 😔
  14. Chris Pratt.
    Love him since Everwood. I love funny people, he'll be very welcomed to my squad.
  15. Adam Levine.
    Love him, his music and his personality.
  16. Ashley Greene.
    Asher is my other spirit animal. No more comments.
  17. Zayn Malik.
    He's handsome, talented, cute and I'd give him my teenage heart. 💀