1. @_clair's peanut reaction part I
  2. @_clair's peanut reaction part II
  3. i got an IUD at planned parenthood
  4. that one time @_clair pretended to be me to pick up a prescription
  5. 4 dining hall related counts of food poisoning
  6. I broke into @maira's apartment to feed her burnt toast once when she had a bad migraine
  7. that one time I tore and repaired my ACL
  8. my ex boyfriend's ankle he kept rolling and refusing to treat
  9. I got E. coli and a job offer in the same week! #justmillenialthings
  10. that one time my other roommate got her wisdom teeth out but not really
  11. I got "walking pneumonia" once
  12. I had hypertension for an entire year because of stress from my Arabic class...
  13. ... so I got on anti depression / anxiety meds! A+++, would highly recommend
  14. @_clair simultaneously had a concussion and chemical burns on her hands from making monitors
  15. this list is sent to you from urgent care, typed with my right hand because my left is attached to a maybe-broken elbow