I'm going to see her in like five hours and truly, she's a gem
  1. 1.
    she's only ever worn one shade of lipstick
    it's Borghese in Flamingo Gold and some of my earliest memories are of her carefully applying it to my cheeks and lips for ballet recitals in kindergarten. it was a Special Occasion thing and when I got tall enough to climb and raid her medicine cabinets it was the first thing I explored
  2. 2.
    she really loves animals
    she rode horses through high school and still loves the smell of barns and had a German Shepard and bred puppies and considers our current black lab her neediest child
  3. 3.
    she really loves art
    she took AP art and was an English major and has really lovely handwriting and had a period where she made purses out of old cigar boxes in our basement as an art project
  4. 4.
    she's a crier
    she can't say the word "Titanic" without tearing up
  5. 5.
    she's a cancer survivor
    she called her stage 2 colorectal cancer "god's little kick in her ass"
  6. 6.
    FYI Tiffany's has a perfume and that is what she wears
    the smell reminds me of the gentle clink of pearl necklaces that would brush me when she would lean in to hug me goodnight after coming from a fancy party with my dad
  7. 7.
    she has a great sense of humor
    I was raised on Monty Python, Sid Caesar, and Johnny Carson VHS tapes due to her influence. she told a bunch of dirty jokes for her father's eulogy because that's what they both wanted.
  8. 8.
    she really loves my dad
    and he really loves her. we're at the point in our relationship where she can complain about him to me and you can just tell that they're still in stupid love despite all the dumb stuff he does. THEY SHARE AN EMAIL ACCOUNT GUYS
  9. 9.
    she really loves her kids
    she had a not good relationship with her mom for a while and didn't have any siblings, so she put 110% into our family's stability and happiness from the first day of her marriage. the 4 of us are all Irish twins (lol) and she gave up her career for 12 years to stay at home with our 4 insane and frustrating selves. she has a house free of kids for the first time in 23 years and that's tough for her
  10. 10.
    she has weird pet names
    the dog is "chicken" or just "The Dog," I am "chicken-licken", all children are "sweet-pea". she doesn't have a southern accent except when she's pissed and she says "dog" like a Camden dock worker but I've inherited her dumb baby voice for talking to the dog
  11. 11.
    she just texted me asking what food I want when I come home
    she still has a flip phone and signs every text and email "xxxooomom"
  12. 12.
    she's a mom to others
    she's a psychologist by trade and I've sent a lot of friends to her for advice and love and they all come back and tell me she's awesome and I'm like YEAH I KNOW!!!! her frank conversations about our family and mental health have helped me in my own journey and she's always been pro- therapy, pro- medication, pro- "do what you need to do to function and be happy"
  13. 13.
    quick to anger, quick to forgive
    I get my temper from her, but I also get my readiness to move on. all of the women in the matriarchal line in my family are FIESTY af.
  14. 14.
    she wears white flannel nightgowns year round
    idek guys but they're very soft