sometimes radical self love means you make yourself think of these things and share them with strangers, my dad was right about going to the gym making you feel better, guys.
  1. my hair
    it's finally growing out from a solid three years of short hair cuts and is now less brown and also healthy. if I ever want to cut it short again, have me committed
  2. a general feeling of soreness
    being tired means you were using energy to do physical movement, which is not something everyone can fully participate in
  3. my arms
    they are long and strong and toned; Michelle Obama and I trade secrets
  4. I have great circulation
  5. my ass
    God, it's glorious, isn't it?
  6. my face
    it looks sort of like my mom's, who is a certified babe. took me a while but I finally have glasses that work with what I got
  7. my knee(s)
    hey left knee, I missed having your full range of motion for the past 3 years, nice to have ya back, bud
  8. I have very healthy nail beds and gums
  9. my shoulders
    when I remember to do so (@louisa_rd is a constant inspiration) I have hella dope posture that makes me look like 6 feet tall. honestly I will always have a soft stomach but you could bounce a quarter off of my mid-back muscles. I am great at body rolls
  10. It is very receptive and strong and recuperates well
    I hate that I've become a cliche of a college student taking really poor care of her physical needs in pursuit of the mental; I never realized just how much physicality was a part of my life until I started waking up and not recognizing the person in the mirror or the girl who got winded walking up stairs. I am very blessed to have a physiology that makes exercise a joy (when I actually get around to it)
  11. I'm able to stand at work during a closing shift without my feet getting super sore
  13. the dark circles under my eyes?
    they're genetic and never going away, maybe it's Stockholm syndrome but I think I pull them off