my biggest vice is screenshotting snapchats from my friends because they are BRILLIANT & FUNNY & make up a significant part of our communication / shared memories. this is a celebration of some of the SFW snaps - if anyone tagged would like them taken down, please hmu. my snapchat is st.onge & you should add me because I am also brilliant & funny!
  1. doot doot @maira in her element
  2. managing a highly successful small business that a campus of 30,000 semi relies on to function with three of your peers leads to some truly heartbreaking snaps. this was sent at 1:30 am on a Tuesday of midterms
  3. just l m a o
  4. @_clair is a menace
  5. don't remember who sent this to me but godspeed
  6. TRUE STORY Kanye made a surprise appearance at our campus arts center, I texted @maira the news and she biked a mile without pause to try and catch a glimpse
  7. @maira @erinsimpson and @kissinger, three of the big kahunas at our school showing that everyone needs some deep tissue work, especially in the library
  8. moving in Hyde Park is hands down the fuckin worst but also leads you to some hilarious photo-ops
  9. my little sister is so funny and I am glad she has not starved in her first semester at college
  10. @jessee & @maira irl
  11. TRULY ICONIC, TRULY RANDOM, TRULY IRL - the holy grail of snaps
  12. catching my dumb male friends doing silly things makes my heart soar
  13. 1/2
  14. 2/2 (@_clair)
  15. @jessee has some beautiful snaps
  16. @louisa_rd sums up a summer on the 60th Street Social Science Research Strip
  17. fun fact: this snap of @_clair was my phone background up until 30 seconds before I entered a job interview and had to change it. capitalism ruins everything
  18. @maira, the night the new snapchat filters dropped
  19. tru
  20. @JennyJLee terrifies me and I am high key into it 💕