1. When I was 8 my mom asked me to make rice for the first time using the rice cooker. She didnt show me, so when i did it, i poured the rice into the rice cooker heater instead of just touching the button. As the rice and water spills EVERYWHERE, my mom panics and rushes over, hoping that I don't get electrocuted
  2. I ordered a veggie burger at rainforest cafe with bacon and then the waiter repeated it back to me And was like r u sure and I was like what r u judging me veggie burgs are delicious
  3. When I first got my license i went to a McDonald's drive thru and I was like at the end can I get my food to go and then the cashier popped his head out the window turned his head both ways and was like uh we're here already..
  4. when someone asked me if I wanted my food for here or to go I answered YES and then just walked away
  5. Buffalo chips. To be continued...