If physical education is required to make sure students are being active, why shouldn't arts education be required to also enrich their minds, expose them to culture, & allow them to learn how to think creatively instead of always seeing the world/a situation in black & white?
  1. "Not all students are good at art and music." Define 'good'. Where does being creative equal being 'good'?
  2. "Grading students on their artistic abilities is unfair." Students are not graded on their abilities- it's their effort that counts. The last time I checked, the same thing goes for P.E. classes...
  3. "Art & music doesn't interest all students." Have you ever listened to the radio/an iPod, watched a film, or decorated your bedroom?
  4. "When will students need this after high school?" When will students need P.E. after high school? No adult is forced to work out at a gym. No adult is forced to paint a picture or sing a song. It's about the bigger picture- the lessons learned through art & music classes teach students to be passionate, critical thinkers, & open to new experiences.