Photos of me to describe me: written by me.
  1. I'll start with this one
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  2. This photo of me and Brian Sella from the Front Bottoms is the single most important thing in my life
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  3. The most recent photo of me on my phone
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  4. A new side of me; calm, chill, quirky. Everything a typical teen girl should be.
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  5. A more accurate photo of me since enrolling in college
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  6. Me yelling at a customer at work; a candid I treasure with my entire heart.
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  7. A good photo I took of myself that I use for every profile picture on every social media website out of vanity and the fact I cannot take good pictures of myself
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  8. Finally a photo of me when I went out with someone I shouldn't have gone out with and I got nervous and brought a pair of scissors with me so he couldn't try to kill me.
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