Not my real friends just my roommate and her friends.
  1. They never invite me anywhere
    This is incredibly hard to do seeing as we have 4 things to do on campus. But yet, they find a way to not include me in every activity I do.
  2. They go out a lot.
    I was never a big partier but I go out with them and they always make me feel guilty if I don't take care of them.
  3. They correct me for everything I say.
    If I say someone said something they immediately attack me to say they heard something else. This happened today- and I actually had the texts to prove that I was right and they actually got mad at me.
  4. They don't acknowledge the things I do for them.
    I'm not begging for recognition for every saintly deed I do. But; if I go out of my way to help everyone in the group, don't later comment on how I do nothing for anyone ever.
  5. They're selfish
    They only talk about themselves and their problems. No one else and nothing else: I understand teenagers are like this- self absorbed. But if I'm sober and crying than maybe you see if I'm okay.
  6. They're messy
    They leave all their shit all over my dorm room. One friend lives in a whole different building and fucking leaves her shit everywhere.
  7. I'm really upset right now because we went out last night and used my car and I was DD and everyone's mad and not inviting me anywhere today and I don't know why.