i am very lazy
  1. The second I get on the treadmill I need to shit so bad it causes me anxiety
  2. Sometimes the cute guys I've known for 6 years are there and fucking judge me
  3. I hate walking across campus in shorts when it's cold and I hate walking back to my dorm all sweaty
  4. My friends are all competitive and I always end up running 4 miles because of them.
  5. I breathe so loud you can hear it over my treadmill, music, and every other person in the gym.
  6. I always go to dinner right after and reward myself with too much ice cream- I DIDNT WORK OUT THAT HARD JULIANNA YOU DONT NEED 4 SCOOPS OF RED VELVET ICE CREAM
  7. Sometimes my phone dies and I have no music to listen to and I have to awkwardly pretend in listening to something still
  8. I get too sweaty for the minimal amount of effort I'm putting in