Some days I just need to give myself a confidence boost
  1. My sense of humor
    A combination of Seinfeld jokes, observational humor, and self deprecating comments? The formula for a perfect comedian.
  2. My smell
    I always smell like Gain laundry detergent and Garnier Fructis hair serum and it's amazing.
  3. My honesty
    I'll always tell you what's bothering me, what I think about a situation, how fat you look in that outfit, and when I have to go shit.
  4. My sense of style
    One day I'm in leggings and crewneck sweatshirt the next I'm rocking a men's XXL flannel from the thrift store, discombobulated outfit choices are what I thrive on.
  5. I'm extremely smart and I won't let you forget it.
    I don't act dumb, I'm smart af and i won't let you forget I love to argue and prove people wrong.
  6. Im a foodie.
    Everyone's a foodie but no one is willing to drive 3-4 hours for gourmet donuts. But I am.
  7. One time I wrestled a bear with my bear hands.
    This is a pun, I just wanted to show off my humor some more ;)
  8. I go to the gym every day
    This has been mentioned before in my other lists. Do I like it? No I fucking hate it. Do I have a kick ass bod? FUCK YES
  9. I know every song in every Disney movie ever
    I'm an actual Disney princess deal with it