Just got a pup. 7 weeks old. He's amazing.
  1. Did he just pee?
  2. Is he peeing?
  3. Did he just poop?
  4. Is he pooping?
  5. How long can a puppy really nap
  6. How many naps can a puppy take in a day?
  7. I hope he is healthy.
  8. I hope he does not become possessed with his lil microchip thing
  9. What is he eating?
  10. Did he just pee?
  11. Did he just poop?
  12. Is he peeing?
  13. Is he pooping?
  14. Where did he go?
  15. I never want a human child.
  16. I have never head a noise this loud, sad and piercing at the same time.
  17. This is the closest I will ever get to having a human child.
  18. Fuck, he just peed inside.