Sadly only a partial list
  1. Shora (sp?), some kind of bird
    Shora came pre-named and for some reason we didn't change it. She had free run of the house which seems insane to me now because she must have made everywhere. I guess my dad got sick of it because one day he said Shora's molting wasn't good for our lungs and she was sent off to live in my uncle's pet store. I remember she liked to eat my broccoli at the dinner table. She is only presumed dead, may be fine.
  2. Squeaky, guinea pig
    Again, given free reign to run around our apartment. Liked to burrow his way through my dollhouse. Squeaky was another hand-me-down that had belonged to a family before ours (why didn't we ever get young animals?) and eventually I found him "sleeping" on my bed. I had gone to get my mom because I thought it was so cute the way he was lying there. She lifted his leg: full-on rigor mortis.
  3. Fred and Ginger, itsy-bitsy lovebirds
    These were a birthday present from my friends at school and maybe they got them at some kind of discount because about a week later I found them both dead, floating in their water bowl. Possibly a suicide pact, which is actually a very lovebird thing to do.
  4. Tadpole, unnamed
    Just starting to sprout legs when our house cleaner mistook its home for an empty glass of water and poured it down the drain. Only at this very moment does it occur to me that it was probably one of my parents.