Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. 7:49-8:01am: Alarms
    I need one that I instantly turn off and go back to sleep (7:49), one that I turn off but stay mostly awake after (7:55), one that I turn off and supposedly get up after (8:00), and one right after to make sure that I'm actually up (8:01).
  2. 8:01-8:25: Get ready
    I wash my face, then put in contacts, then brush teeth, then makeup, then clothes, then hair. Then I pack up my bag and I'm out the door 😎
  3. 8:27: Catch the bus
    Which I ride for four stops 😁
  4. 8:45: Catch the shuttle to work
    I work in a molecular genetics lab!
  5. 9:00-11:30: Work
    I get there, check in with my mentor, and then do whatever bench work/data analysis I need to for my experiment.
  6. 11:40: Catch the shuttle back to campus
    This is a big source of stress/drama in my life because it's supposed to leave at 11:30 but it's secretly 11:40 because of "lunchtime hours" (total bs if you ask me). I have class at 12, and the shuttle ride takes ~12 minutes. If it's even a minute late to leave, the light cycles guarantee that it will be an extra five minutes. Today I power walked 6 city blocks in 7 minutes and was still 2 minutes late to class 😒
  7. 12:00p-4:00p
    Class. I usually have at least one hour long break thrown in here so I can eat.
  8. 4:00-6:00
    I don't know what happens to these hours. I go home and...something. If I have night class I'm probably eating/getting my shit together for it.
  9. 6:00-8:30
    On Tuesdays I have night class. Otherwise I usually spend this time cleaning/eating/studying/hanging with my roommate/relaxing/taking care of myself (laundry, painting nails, showering, etc).
  10. 9:00-10:00
    Club meetings (usually only two a week).
  11. 10:00p-12:00a
    Guilt study. I haven't spent a whole lot of time studying yet this semester, but this is going to need to change very soon.
  12. 12:00a-8:00a
    Sleep 😴😴😴 honestly 8 hrs isn't enough for me and if I can get more I will. Ideal is about 10.