A Deep and Introspective Reflection on This Fall

Inspired by @brynelle. YO everybody these are important convos we need to be having
  1. I "gave up" on Westworld around ep 3 and GAVE UP on ep 7
    It's just not doing it for me you guys! I need a core character that I'm emotionally invested in! I need a romantic relationship that makes sense that I'm invested in! I need fewer plot lines! The most amped up I got was when Dolores killed the fly and it was all downhill from there!
  2. You're the Worst is the best "new" show that I've seen in YEARS
    New means new to me. I watched all 3 seasons in like 2 weeks. It's so good. Please watch it bc I want them to keep making it.
  3. I watched Band of Brothers for the first (and 2nd and 3rd) time this fall and it DESTROYED ME
    DESTROYED. Like sucked my life away. Like, I had to put myself on a lifetime ban from it because I couldn't control myself.
  4. We didn't deserve or need Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
    We're all better than this. #StopRevivingThings2k17
  5. I rewatched Veep at least twice
    It's the perfect show. The best show ever made. And it's become my go-to security blanket show over The Office and 30 Rock. I ALMOST have some eps memorized but I still genuinely lol at least a few times each episode.
  6. Girls Season 5 was okay and that made me really mad
    I hated seasons 2-4 but I watched them. And then told myself no more. But then I actually bought an HBO account and I was bored so I watched season 5. And it was way better than I remembered the earlier seasons being. And that pisses me off bc it's still not like ~amazing~. No one tag Lena Dunham.
  7. The Jinx. ThE JINX.
    Should have watched it sooner. Such good television.