2. Do these idiots not have access to pen/paper?
    They try to figure out a strategy by staring into space and crinkling their brow and it never works out. I'm convinced there's zero reading/writing materials in the house
  3. #StopSendingKikiToTheTruthBooth2k16
    She obviously SUCKS at this and she's so annoying and I wish they would stop giving her such major plot lines. (Also the episode where she starts thinking Chuck is her match she's suddenly wearing a beanie?? Like SURE HONEY real casual)
  4. Is this $1 mil split 20 ways or are they handing out $20 million?
    Honestly there's no way in hell they're gonna get it right (and even if they did I'm sure mtv would lie so they wouldn't have to pay up) but there's a pretty big difference between the two and idk if these fools realize that they might not be getting $1 mil each
  5. I hate the host guy
    Reminds me of Tobey McGuire as Spider-Man and Eric from that 70s show - BAD COMBO
  6. Cheyenne is QUEEN
    She has such a chill personality but she also called out the major misogynistic bullshit going on 🙌
  7. What happens to them once they find their perfect match?
    They leave to go to "the honeymoon suite" and then what? Do they shove them into a volcano or something?
  8. 99% of the guys are major assholes
    HUGE ASSHOLES: Alec, Devin, Chuck. NOT AS ASSHOLE-Y ASSHOLES: Zak, ?????, Tyler, ??????, the one dude who they literally never show???
  9. Heteronormativity