Billy on the Street is a true blessing bestowed upon this Earth 🙌
  1. Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd?
    Billy runs around and asks people if they'd have sex with Paul Rudd. Contestants get a dollar if they say yes and Paul gives them HUGS
  2. New Year's Eve or Deformed?
    Andy Cohen plays this in a cemetery - Billy names a celebrity and Andy has to say if they were in the movie New Year's Eve or if they have a deformity
  3. Cashface
    CLASSIC Billy. 2 people play with buzzers and the questions are totally opinion based (Who's more interesting, Taylor Swift or a napkin) and HILARIOUS. He makes fun of the contestants for a good minute and a half before the game starts
  4. It's Spock, Do You Care?
    Billy runs around with Zachary Quinto and asks people if they care that they're meeting him. One guy gets seriously disturbed and insists its not Spock
  5. Lesbian Lightning Round
    Billy runs around asking people questions and then decides if they're right by asking the panel of lesbians that's following him around. One poor lesbian keeps on falling behind and it's hilarious
  6. Amateur Speed Sketching
    Barry draws a celebrity in a minute and then has to find a stranger who knows who it is. Billy hates Barry and it's comedy gold
  7. Does Shakira Know What This Is?
    Billy reads a list of objects/activities and Patton Oswald has to guess if Shakira is familiar. Classic premise. They yell about Ratatouille for awhile.
  8. Classic "For a Dollar"/"Lightning Round"
    They've lost their touch over the years but in the beginning they were great - "MISS FOR A DOLLAR NAME THREE WHITE PEOPLE!!!!" Can they do it??? It's harder than you think