One of the best movies ever made imho. THIS IS A DEFINITIVE RANKING LADIES AND GENTS
  1. The proposal scene
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    The rain! The angst! I can't! What I could do is listen to Matthew McFaddens angry voice for a real long time
  2. The hand grab scene
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    And then he stretches it! It's like damn!
  3. When Lizzie blows out the candle all angrily
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    This is my bedtime mood 99% of the time
  4. Lizzie's comments when kitty won't stfu and Mary is being a total party pooper at Netherfield
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    Honestly it is HILARIOUS to me bc it sums up sister dynamics so well
  5. The opening sequence
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    The birds singing is so frickin calming. Love all of it until the first line.
  6. When Darcy helps Bingley get ready to propose to Jane
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    He pretends to be Jane! It's so cute! Also cinematographic af
  7. The part where Darcy and Bingley come to visit at the end and Darcy tries to pretend he's not looking at Lizzie but he! obviously! is!
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    I just love them so much
  8. The scene where Lizzie plays the piano and Darcy comes to talk to her
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    The tension!!!!!
  9. When Lizzie goes to Pemberly and (gasp!) Darcy is there (in his own home!) and she runs away but he runs after her
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    This is my favorite part of the book but I don't really like the way the movie handled it (I feel like Matthew tries to act with his eyes but I see no emotion and it just looks like he's dumbly staring). This is the only scene at Pemberly (specifically right here when they're standing on his porch/patio) that I liked.
  10. When Lydia is saying obnoxious things when she comes back from London and Lizzie switches her water with Lydia's wine
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    Perfect level of humor.
  11. When Lizzie spins around in the swing and the seasons change to show the progression of time
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    It's so gd pretty!!