I think this stuff is way cool, please show me your bookshelf/shelves too!
  1. Bookcase 1
    Designed to be lime green and electric blue by my ten year old self. I can also thank this version of myself for my orange walls 🙄
  2. Shelf 1: Shelf of Amazing Things
    That's what I called this when I was ten and thought I was cool. Features a lot of weird souvenirs I've bought over the years (what 12 year old buys a green glass vase?), my fossil collection, and various arts/crafts I've done over the years.
  3. Shelf 2: Memoirs/Essays/Contemporary Fiction
    This is one of my favorite shelves. On the left is a basket of random stuff which isn't great but it holds Daniel Handler (one of my favorite authors), my entire collection of memoirs/essays (which is probably my favorite genre) and some of the best fantasy I've ever read (the Graceling series).
  4. Shelf 2 cont
  5. Shelf 3: Books I Was Into Last Summer
    I ran out of space and moved some things around and this ended up being my overflow shelf. It was a pretty good time for reading, so it's not a bad thing. Features my short story collection, some more memoirs/essays/contemporary fiction, and some nonfiction.
  6. Shelf 4: Overflow
    These are books that I'm not crazy about but also didn't want to banish them to under my bed, so here they are
  7. Shelf 5: Boring Old School Stuff
    I hoard and hoard
  8. But on the edge are some my favorite books from my childhood!
    I had the foresight a few years ago to hunt these down from around my house and put them somewhere for safekeeping. I've read most of these many, many times.
  9. Bookcase 2
  10. Shelf 1: Classic Literature
    Another one of my favorites. Makes me feel pretentious as shit. Also features a cute little chicken statue thing and my old journals!
  11. Shelf 1 cont
  12. Shelf 1 cont
  13. Shelf 2: Nonfiction
    Biographies, weird religious books I was gifted, history, birding (gifts from my parents), and some humor and cook books. Also features my old Webkinz (😂) and my bulletin board covered with mems from high school
  14. Shelf 2 cont
  15. Shelf 2 cont
  16. Shelf 3
    This is basically just odds and ends. Fantasy, historical fiction, stuff that wouldn't fit anywhere else.
  17. Shelf 3 cont
  18. And finally I keep a few books and odds and ends on my desk!
  19. I also have an overflow pile by my door... And more under my bed... And a huge box of extras that I've been meaning to donate... And all my stuff at school.... And all my stuff in storage waiting to go back to school...