1. Anytime my mom has an emotion my dad doesn't like (overly excited, mad at him, freaked out) he tells her to "calm down"
    Our family's personal version of a hysteria diagnosis
  2. I was greeted every morning at 7:45 by the shuttle driver saying "Smile! Why do you look so evil all the time??"
    Until I stopped saying good morning to him/making eye contact. This was the first interaction of my day and it put me in an awful mood. Sucks that I had to stop being polite to get it to stop.
  3. Today in class the bro sitting next to me decided he didn't have enough room so he plunked his elbow down on my desk
    And kept it there for the whole fifty minutes, shifting around the whole time and making my desk wobble with his weight. GTFO, my space, not yours.
  4. My male high school bio teacher went over the female reproductive system everyday for two weeks
    He said "clitoris" and "labia" with ease everyday and it made me VERY uncomfortable. When we got to the male reproductive system, he said, "Alright, this is really awkward, but I'm just gonna say it: penis." He laughed and that was the ONLY time we went over the male system.
  5. Campus tours at my school feature the trivia that "you can't have sorority houses on campus because it's legally considered a brothel."
    1. Not true 2. There's a sorority house literally right down the street from the spot where they say this 3. Sexist propaganda