Inspired by @amieshmamie
  1. Reading
    Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. For my lit class, but it's the first book I'm excited to read from the syllabus (after suffering through Thoreau and English Romantic poets I'm so excited to read some ladies). Also she's from Pittsburgh and I'm kind of ashamed I haven't read it yet!
  2. Listening
    Gilmore Guys. They are so so funny and they have theme songs for all the bits they do and it's like watching an episode of Gilmore Girls without actually having to watch it. It feels like classic podcasting but it's very current/with the times.
  3. Watching
    Love. It went on Netflix yesterday and I'm almost done with it 🙈 I'll watch basically anything Judd Apatow makes. Highlights so far include: the main girl, Judd's daughter, the main girl's apartment decor, and the music they play at the end of episodes. Downsides: the guy character.
  4. Eating
    Cadbury mini chocolate eggs. Just went to Target and picked these suckers up. It's Easter season y'all!