1. I hate the new iOS update and am still not over the font change, 2 months later
  2. One time I tried to sleep with my head at the wrong end of the bed and I laid awake all night bc I was so freaked out
  3. Panera got rid of their smokehouse turkey panini a couple months ago and I haven't been since bc I don't know what to order with my half mac and cheese
  4. I am nostalgic for high school, even though I was and am still aware that I hated it
  5. I try new foods at the rate of a few/year
    And most of the time I like what I try, so I should really do it more often! It has taken me the past few years to realize that I like nuts, pumpkin, sushi, clementines, and grapes! GRAPES! I didn't eat grapes until I got to college!