First time all year 🤘🏻 Here's how I'm celebrating
  1. Wearing comfy af but ugly af pajamas
  2. Doing homework in bed
  3. Eating in bed
  4. Watching a movie in bed
  5. Basically, lounging in my favorite place (my bed) without fear of judgement for being lazy/immobile
  6. Binging a whole season of Fixer Upper
    In bed. In one day. I don't even like the design style?
  7. Sleeping with my window open
    My bed is above the radiator and my roommate's isn't, so it's either sweat in my sleep or let her freeze to death. I usually sweat it out but NOT TONIGHT BITCHES
  8. Eating the majority of a carton of ice cream
    In bed
  9. Not doing my dishes
    Until tomorrow morning ~~~wild and crazy~~~