THIS IS THE VERY FIRST LIST REQUEST I HAVE EVER GOTTEN AND I AM SO FUCKING PUMPED. @amieshmamie is making my dreams come true one day at a time
  1. Snacks on snacks on snacks
    I think snacks were probably the reason why care packages were invented. Candy, chips, popcorn, desserts - it's all good in my book. You can do no wrong.
  2. A book
    I think books are the perfect present and if you were to send me a book, it would give me an excuse to let myself read for fun. Which I would love. I read mostly contemporary fiction, nonfiction (I'm a nonfiction writing major!), and classic lit. But I also believe a good book is a good book and I trust y'all to have good taste so send me one of your favorites if you want!
  3. Actually any kind of reading material at all
    I saw something (probably a list) where a girl's dad literally printed out New York Times articles that he liked and mailed them to her. Like instead of emailing a link or something. And I think that is the cutest thing ever. I don't know why I feel so starved for reading material but I feel like I never get to read anything just for the pleasure of it. So send me something that you think is a good read
  4. A decoration
    I just moved into my first apartment at the beginning of August and like my walls are empty?? I have no idea what to put on them so if you've got any ideas go ahead and send something along. All I've got going on is my good ole Rosie poster
  5. Tea
    I love tea and have a massive collection and expanding it always makes me happy!
  6. A mug from where you hail!
    I have a collection of mugs from places I've never been that people get for me when they travel and if you want to expand it I would love you forever! Or really any memorabilia from your hometown would be cool
  7. Honestly though you could send me a rock and I'd be thrilled
    I love getting packages/mail and I've never gotten a care package before so there's literally no bar at all that you have to meet.
  8. So to Amie and all the adults participating:
    Thank you thank you! This is making my dreams come true 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽