We're all in this together...
  1. Bus 15, elementary school 1999-2006
    Except for that one bitch. I had crushes on all the boys at least once throughout the six years and we were our own cute little bus fam. By the time we got to 6th grade I claimed one back seat and the two nicest boys claimed the other one and we were the "bus monitors" (shoutout to Darlene, the bus driver) and lorded over the little kiddos drunk on our power.
  2. Gen chem 2 lab buds
    I managed to be lab partners with the same girl for two semesters in a row which is basically unheard of in my huge school. 2nd semester another one of my friends was there too and I got to know all her friends and Simon our ta was the glue that held us all together while we simultaneously worked as fast as possible so we could get out early.
  3. My homies in written professional communication, summer 2015
    Okay, not gonna lie, all the engineers I meet are HORRIBLE, except for most of the bros in this class. I was the only writing major and everyone was incredulous at the grading and assignments and we would have pow-wows in the hallways during the breaks when they would desperately ask me, "is this how writing classes really go??" Uh, yeah, it is - not so easy, huh? But I loved them all the same.
  4. My shuttle buds, spring 2015 - present
    I ride the shuttle to work every morning at 9am with all the real professional scientists. We all nervously watch each other to figure out when the shuttle has arrived, meaning it's time to sprint from the temperature controlled hospital to the temperature controlled shuttle, bc PGH never has nice weather. I have nicknames for all of them (manbun, Bing Bong, ole no neck, etc)
  5. Homeroom crew, 2007-2011
    My school had the dumbass idea to get rid of homeroom once I hit 11th grade? Before then this was a nice time to see ppl other than the 20 who were on the same academic level as me that I had all my classes with.
  6. Honors English 11, 2011-2012
    In retrospect I'm positive I came across as a frigid bitch in high school and so my hs "squads" are tainted by the fear that everyone secretly hated me. But this class had a weird camaraderie that's hard to shake. Best exchange of the year: we had to say who we would buy a book for. Mike (football player): "I would buy a book for Wiz on how to read." Wiz: "I would buy a book for Mike on how to play football." (Still convinced someone fed him that line. Kid was sweet but not that bright.)