Catchphrases as in things *I* say. This isn't a pop culture reference list. Sorry.
  1. "In the words of Miley Cyrus: 'It's my mouth, I'll say what I want to.'"
    When my mom yells at me for swearing
  2. "What a life."
    When I am genuinely stressed out and/or happily amazed by life. OR when you tell me a story and I don't have a good response bc I dazed the fuck out.
  3. "De nada!"
    Adopted c. 2009 when my family went to Savannah in the August heat and everybody LITERALLY just bitched at each other the whole week (my mom slapped me across the face at one point. I was 15). I said this about 50 million times a day trying to get everyone to CHILL THE FUCK OUT and remind them that life is fleeting and also "no problem~~~~."
  4. "Hot damn!"
    Roomie and I started saying this c. Uptown Funk days and it has stuck. A good placeholder for "what a life" when you're pretty sure the story you didn't listen to turned out well for the narrator in the end. Also it has a legacy probably bc my 15 y/o little sister goes "Julie!" like I am offending her delicate sensibilities every time I say it.
  5. "Every party needs a pooper, that's why you're here, party pooper!"
    Stole this from the best movie ever made, Stick It. Say it whenever someone is being laaaaaame
  6. "Truly."
    Truly the best response to anything anyone ever says to you. I feel like a classy lady of bygone days when I say this. "This essay fucking sucks." "Truly."