Inspired by @hollyann. I sucked at this in July but this month turned out a lot better!
  1. August 1
    I took what I'm branding as an "angry stress power walk through the woods." I tried it as a stress reliever and to try to make me tired so I sleep better. Achievement of these goals is undetermined. But here's an algae-covered pond I stopped and panted at.
  2. August 2
    TODAY FUCKING SUCKED. I wrote an 8 page paper while also working for 8 hours and commuting for 3. The only great thing is that it's now over
  3. August 3
    TODAY WAS MY LAST DAY OF SUMMER CLASSES!!! Honestly they weren't that bad, I got straight As, it was the fastest 12 weeks of my life. I have 100 credits in the books and only 25 credits to go til I graduate!
  4. August 4
    Today was my last day of work before I'm off for a week! I'm training to do ordering so I still learned a lot but it was a pretty chill day overall. I haven't taken time off since Christmas so I'm excited.
  5. August 5
    I moved out of my shitty summer house and took my stuff over to my beautiful new apartment! My roommate helped me carry my stuff up the two flights of stairs and I was so so thankful
  6. August 6
    I moved my furniture into my new apartment. My mattress is still coming in the mail and we only have a couch in the living room, but I covered all the stuff I had to. It feels so good to have that shit done and none of the bad things I was worried about happened, so overall I'm pretty pleased!
  7. August 7
    Today my sister arrived home for a weeklong visit. She's been in Florida since Christmas and I haven't seen her at all
  8. August 8
    Today was full of a lot of great moments, but one was stopping for ice cream on the way home from seeing my grandparents
  9. August 9
    I went shopping and got a North Face jacket that I've been considering buying for 4-5 years for 55% off.
  10. August 10
    I made a lot of progress in making my apartment more homey and even though it's still kind of a mess I'm already loving the vibe. I got a cool plant at whole foods (on my desk) and it's making me really happy
  11. August 11
    I went on a walk with my whole family in a Pennsylvania prairie and my sister and I made up a joke where Hannibal and Buffalo Bill combine forces to be a serial killer tag team called "Use every part of the Buffalo Bill"
  12. August 12
    We went to a semi-abandoned amusement park and we rode a sketchy train and I had a lot of belly laughs with my sister. She's very funny and I'm lucky to have her as a sister
  13. August 13
    More belly laughs with my sister. She had to go back to Florida today but she FaceTimed me when she got home and it filled me with warm fuzzy feelings. I love the ease and comfort of our relationship and I'm very blessed to have her, and I hope she moves home soon.
  14. August 14
    It was gloomy so I happily spent most of the day recharging and pounding out the first couple hundred pages of The Goldfinch.
  15. August 15
    I laughed so hard that I cried at something my mom did on the drive to work this morning. It was much needed because I had to go back to work and normal life today
  16. August 16
    I saw my roommate for the first time in a while today, but only for 10 minutes because she had to go work the night shift. But she gave me a panda mug she got for me and it gave me warm fuzzy feelings to know that she thought of me when she saw it 😊🐼
  17. August 17
    Some things came together for me at work today and it allowed me to calm down about things I've been stressing about.
  18. August 18
    I read a lot more of The Goldfinch and really got into the meat of it and was so shocked at one point that tears were brought to my eyes. I love good writing and I love books that demand your full attention and investment and can spark true emotions from you, and it's been awhile since I've experienced that feeling, and let me tell you, it was great.
  19. August 19
    My sister texted me this and it made me laugh and laugh
  20. August 20
    I went for a walk with my dad this morning. My favorite list of @biz's, the one that made me follow her, was her gorgeous defense of August in western PA: WHY AUGUST BRINGS ME JOY:) LOL I'M CURIOUS!. And I thought of that list the whole time I was out - the height of summer, where everything is fully grown, so humid that fog drips from the trees as it warms, sounding like rain on the leaves. Her gorgeous words will stay with me for a long, long time.
  21. August 21
    I spent the day crocheting this little sheep for my sister to send in a package of things she forgot here while she was visiting. I'm sure she'll at least 50% hate it because it's part of a decades-long running joke in my family, but it was fun to do something creative.
  22. August 22
    My sweet sweet mother sent me a prime pantry box and it almost brought tears to my eyes. It's so personalized - she knows me so well
  23. August 23
    I spent the evening hanging out with my roommate! We went shopping and watched teen mom and it was a good lowkey night
  24. August 24
    I went to the eye doctor today and got a massive rebate for my new contacts
  25. August 25
    I got going on decorating my apartment and it made me really happy to start seeing it come together!
  26. August 26
    THIS BITCH GOT HER OWN BENCH AT WORK. If you've never worked in a lab, this is basically equivalent to me having to share a desk with someone else for last 1.5 years... BUT NOT ANYMORE!!!
  27. August 27
    I read a lot of A Little Life today and while it isn't pleasant, per say, I'm glad that I'm spending my last weekend off from school semi-productively.
  28. August 28
    I had a great convo with my dad while he was painting our porch
  29. August 29
    Today was my first day of classes (and it was a long fucking haul - I was gone from home from 7AM-9PM), but I got an email from the dad of an old friend about a networking event he'd thought I'd be interested in. I was genuinely almost brought to tears because I haven't seen my friend in MONTHS but these people are still looking out for me/caring for me and that means a lot.
  30. August 30
    I was done with my day at 3PM which was much needed after my 14 hour day yesterday
  31. August 31
    I ran into a friend I haven't seen since last semester and I was really happy to see him 😊😊
    I had many days this month that had many happy moments. Sometimes I veered into summaries of whole days because they were truly just one big happy moment. I scrolled through this list a lot throughout the month because it just made me happy to look at it. I think this is a sign that I will enjoy this for posterity's sake. So long story short, I will continue this into September (at the least).
  33. I know I had one day that doesn't seem very happy...
    But it was at the beginning of the month and I truly lived that day searching for something good to write and I came up empty. It was either be honest or quit, and I didn't want to give up so soon. And I don't regret sharing that it was shitty. I would argue that the point of these lists is to highlight that there is something to be thankful for everyday. But sometimes a day is just shit and you're just thankful that there is a new day waiting for you at the end of it, and I don't belittle that.
  34. Thank you to everyone who commented on my list last month!!
    It really gave me motivation to try again, and it also just made feel better about my life in general... It meant more than you guys know, so thank you ❤️ @kellyk @justjills @hollyann @bkwurm