This is more to remind myself that my life isn't in shambles because I seem to think it is!
  1. I managed to get out of going to work this afternoon 💃🏽
  2. Every experiment that I did at work today worked 💯
    This happens about 0% of the time usually
  3. One of my midterms got changed to a take home test 😄
    I was so overwhelmed before this! All of a sudden my life seems so much more manageable! I was so freaked out that I couldn't even count how many midterms I had next week. Turns out I only have 2!
  4. Some kid in physics just turned around and asked me if we have an exam today! 🙄
    We don't! What a loser! My prof moved the date to Monday like a week and a half ago! Pay attention bro come to class more often! Anyways my life is 1000000 times more together than his so 💃🏽
  5. I'm going home this afternoon to go to a wedding tomorrow 🍷
    I get to see my dog! Also wedding cake!
  6. I finally got my last grade back from my last round of midterms and I got all As! 🤓
    This is insane. Broke out in stress hives all over my hands/feet while they were happening but everything turned out okay in the end!
  7. I've been validated a lot in the past week about what I want to do with my life 🙌
    I'm getting published (in print)! My writing prof told me I'm doing excellent work and to consider a career in journalism! My mentor at work told me that I'll be an author on a paper!
  8. My favorite drink at Starbucks rn is the Oprah cinnamon chai latte and I just found out some of the proceeds go to charity!
    Before this realization I was slightly embarrassed that this was my fave. Is Oprah problematic or not? I can't tell what the consensus on this is. But I'm guilty no more!