If you ask me on any given day how I'll feel about sports, I'll say "eh." If you ask me if I want to watch a sports movie, I'll stare at you blankly. But somehow I've watched pretty much all of these in the past week????
  1. Touch the Wall
    A doc all about Missy Franklin? Um, yes please. She was my favorite Olympian in 2012 and I watched this right before Rio. She comes across just as happy, enigmatic, and impressive in the doc as she seems in interviews, and I wanted her to do so well in Rio after watching this, but we all know how that went...
  2. The Short Game
    I LOVED THIS. It's about adorable little kids who are basically pro golfers. It focuses on the US Championship and follows five kids through the three day tournament. Little kids golfing is great because they have little mini clubs and little mini outfits but they play on full blown courses and do just as well as adult pros. It's like the Rugrats episode where the babies are "adults" but they're just dressed in business suits and still have their baby heads.
  3. Stop at Nothing
    All about Lance Armstrong's doping scandal. I've watched at least some of the Tour since 2011 so I pretty much missed all of the IRL drama of this but am very interested. This is a really well put together doc that captures the tension and absurdity of the situation, and the inevitably that he would be found out. Also paints Armstrong as a real asshole, even though he wasn't interviewed for the film.
  4. Fittest on Earth
    This follows athletes during the 2015 Crossfit Games, which I didn't even know were a thing? It's basically two hours of really buff people almost killing themselves doing random workouts, but it's great.
  5. Last Chance U
    This was like Friday Night Lights and a Sandra Bullock movie combined but in real life. I wasn't a huge fan, I think it could have been two hours instead of six.
  6. Trophy Kids
    I watched this and then The Short Game showed up on my recommendations, and this just doesn't compare to cute little golfers. It's basically watching parents be complete assholes to their kids and I cringed through most of it.
  7. A Ballerina's Tale
    Chronicles Misty Copeland's rise to fame and success. She comes across as really well-spoken, really dedicated, and appreciative to the people who have helped her get to where she is.