Whoops I should have been studying!
  1. Got a half price milkshake
    It was smores and bad for me and I loved it
  2. Went to a conservatory at 830pm
    And realized it was lit through the skylights and basically pitch black in the nighttime
  3. "Studied" in Starbucks for 3 hours
    Had to pee really bad for 1.5 hrs of the 3 and this was not very productive
  4. Took a 4 hour nap
    After sleeping for 10 hours! If anyone is a doctor please tell me what is wrong w me
  5. Had lots of almost anxiety attacks!
    Does my roommate suddenly hate me? Am I going to get fined $500 for opening my apartment's garage door? Why don't I have any friends/anywhere to go? Does my roommate suddenly hate me for making her watch the shining? Does my old roommate hate me bc I'm being too saucy w her bc she ignored me in Panera a week ago? Am I going to fail all my classes? Am I going to get fired from my nice lab job? Am I going to die alone? IDK LETS WORRY ABOUT IT THO!
  6. Exfoliated my legs and then shaved them
  7. Thought a lot about painting my nails
    Didn't tho! What can I say I lead a thrilling life
  8. Watched a lot of reality TV