1. I have a pimple on BOTH of my brow bones
    Why God why
  2. I spent 24hrs thinking I had gotten an 18% on a test but it turned out to be a 51%
    Never been so relieved to get an actual literal F on a test before
  3. Cracked my phone screen
    I've had 3 iPhones since 2010, and I've never once cracked any of the screens or lost one or broken one. I basically run them into the ground and when they start malfunctioning I get a new one. And now my track record is ruined 🙃
  4. Most common thought: "Someone please punch me in the face right now because it would feel better than this does"
  5. Threw up once
    Thanks, anxiety
  6. Inexplicably was very dizzy all Wednesday?
    I hardcore almost passed out in class a few weeks ago (my vision went completely black and my hearing went completely away) and I get migraines like once a week. What I'm trying to tell you is that I'm HEALTHyyyyyYYY ✌🏼️
  7. Cried Wednesday night
    Because I wrote that last bullet point and then stared into space for an hour imagining the notes I would write to all my loved ones before I died from the terminal brain cancer I obviously have
  8. Got a lot of lackluster test scores
    Like worst-of-my-college-career lackluster
  9. Only slept for 3 hours one night
    1:30-4:30. This is a very big deal to me. 10 hours is my ideal night and what I try to hit. 6 is my bare minimum for functioning. And yet some assholes kept me awake 🙃
  10. I haven't applied for an absentee ballot yet and I technically have until Nov 1st to do it but idk if it will get there in time and I don't have time to go home and in person vote and I feel like I'm shirking my civic duty and what if trump wins and it's causing me so much stress and I don't even have stamps to send it in and oh Jesus 😓
    That's my stream of consciousness on the election. Thanks for listening.