1. Everything looks better on a rose gold iPhone 6s
  2. Thoreau is kind of a fuckboy
    My mom told me that he would take his laundry to his moms and have her do it the whole time he was living at walden.
  3. If it was five degrees warmer I could sit outside comfortably and study
    I will still absolutely take 61F during a Pittsburgh winter tho
  4. Martha was the hero we needed but ultimately didn't deserve
    👀her baked goods were too good and pure for us👀
  5. Paul Hollywood is also kind of a fuckboy
    Had an affair and a failing restaurant and STILL judges others for a living? 👀
  6. I feel excited to be alive
    Mostly thanks to my new phone, but also because of a boy
  7. I shouldn't be interested in Kendall Jenner's sexuality but I am