🚨🚨 SPOILERS THROUGH THE FIRST HALF OF SEASON ONE 🚨🚨. This attempt at a binge has been full of starts and stops
  1. The first time Peggy slept with fuck nut
    I don't know his name, sorrynotsorry. Yes, this was the pilot, and yes, I stopped with no plans to continue. But then I got really bored and watched again.
  2. When Don didn't take the cake to the party
    Why couldn't he have just taken the damn thing? I don't get it. I finished the episode but took a break after (of a few hours).
  3. When Don kissed the Jewish lady
    WTF, Don? How many fucking affairs do you need? Dumbass. I stopped for a couple days after this.
  4. When the brother showed up
    I literally said "Oh, hell no" the second it was revealed that Don Draper has a secret life/other name and turned that shit off. Right in the middle of the episode. No ragrets. It took me several weeks to forget why I stopped and come back.
  5. When Don got mad at Betty for HIS boss coming on to HER
    What the FUCK, Don? Who do you think you are? Get a fucking grip. This just happened this morning so who knows how long before I go back.