1. "I need to sit down and have a panic"
    Me, to myself, at the library this afternoon. Came here to get books for class but also because there's a really #prime panic spot in here (Windows look out into a museum and I can sit and watch all the little people and cry)
  2. This text exchange with my mom
    She's in the happiest place on earth (Disneyland) for the first time in her life with my sisters. She still let me call her at 8:30AM and rain on her parade
  3. I took a 5 hour nap last night, then slept for 7 hours, then forced myself to sleep in for another 3 hours, and then forced myself to take a 2 hour long nap this afternoon
    When my mental health is real bad sleep feels like the safest thing! So really this was a form of self-care tbh
  4. Googled my best friend from high school because we don't talk anymore and she NEVER posts on social media
    WARNING: don't do this if you're in a fragile mental state. Found out that not only she is doing fine (which, like, I was mostly hoping to find a resume or something to just find out what her major is and stuff like that. Like obviously I want her to have a good life, but when you're not doing so great you also kind of hope that people who ditched you aren't doing FANTASTIC either), but she's doing FANTASTIC and has gotten a full scholarship ("fees" and all) for her last 2 years of undergrad. 😶
  5. Paid $14 in library fines
    Every time I check out books they go way over due and I tell myself that I'm just "donating to the library because I'm a good person~~~" and that it says nothing about my laziness/carelessness with money
  6. I was only awake for 5 hours before my phone battery was completely drained
    I am the embodiment of productivity.
  7. "Studied" in Starbucks for a few hours
    Actually ingested a lot of calories, outlined a presentation I'm giving in two days, and shamelessly watched the Real Housewives of NY on my phone. While I was doing this a girl asked me if I had drawn a graphic on my PowerPoint (which like no? And also no? This reminds me when a girl last semester asked if I had drawn the graphics on my notebook? Which was also a no? Do I look like an artist??) and I felt some shame as I paused so the above statement was a lie
  8. Reminisced about high school c. 2009 vs high school c. 2016 with my older sister
    My little sister is a full NINE years behind in school than my older sister and they've been on vacation together for the first time since 2011 this week. It's been revelatory for my older sister
  9. Watched The Revenant
    With a side of beer because I know how to treat myself.