I only have to do 4 more horrible things today and then I get to go home and see my dog
  1. Read for fun
    This is like my #1 excitement. On the list: The Opposite of Loneliness, Station Eleven, Escape from Camp 14
  2. Crochet
    I'm so pumped to chill with my mom and listen to podcasts and crochet
  3. Watch TV
    I don't even know what I wanna watch. There are so many things on Netflix that I want to catch up on and I don't even know where to start
  4. Going to a funeral
    This one is kind of a bummer. But that's where I'll be Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning (after a night of shopping with probably no sleep)
  5. Eating
    So much food. Literally cannot wait.
  6. Shopping
    Black Friday with my roommate. The past three years I've gone with three different sets of people - pretty cool, huh?
  7. Homework
    Unfortunately. I have to study physics and write a couple papers.