Thank you for asking @jannychan!!
  1. My family has two Siamese house cats and about one billion "porch cats"
    Also: two toy poodles, one border collie. That makes 1,000,000,005 animals around our house.
  2. This one is Lana Del Rey
    She is my baby's brother cat and she is the most beautiful creature in the world.
  3. Lana and my brother (Eli) are super in love.
    If Eli is home, Lana is within 5 feet of him at all times. If he's not at home, she sleeps in his closet outside of his room and waits for him. Eli is the only person she'll let hold her. When she hears him walking in the door from school she runs to greet him
  4. Like, could you die from how cute they are?
    To put it in perspective, this is the only picture I have of my brother smiling... Ever. I don't want to say I'm jealous of a cat but Lana is definitely the sister Eli has always wanted.
  5. This is my mom's cat, Princess Christmas
    Guess when her birthday is???
  6. Christmas naps through most of the day, and always sleeps with her head tucked down.
    Except yesterday when I was eating breakfast and I saw her throw up in one of my shoes
  7. Both of these cats hate being held and mostly do their own thing, but they do insist on watching me take a bath.
    @LeahG mentioned her cat does this too so I'm hopeful it is maybe some kind of perv-y genetic trait
  8. Though Lana and Christmas are both three years old, we've also been feeding the same five feral cats for the past 10 years
    Our favorite/oldest is this one, called Tré-Leg (bc she only has 3 legs). When she was a kitten she wandered up on her porch (back when she had 4 legs) but was too fast for us to bring her inside so we started leaving food out. We don't know how she lost her leg but she is still super fast.
  9. After we started feeding one kitten, other cats started flocking to our porch, and now we're basically a feral cat sanctuary.
    They probably keep coming back because we keep buying 50lb bags of cat food for them.
  10. I don't think of myself as a "cat person," but I can't imagine going home and not having all my cats around.
    So hopefully they'll all live forever.