Requested by @astronautmikedexter, baby
  1. Static
    I hate not living with Margot anymore
  2. Wake up literally whenever
    I love my dog. I miss my dog. But it is so nice not having to walk her at 6 am in a bathrobe with a mug in my hand
  3. Go to a different coffee shop every single day
    Work in a cafe back home, spend all my free time in cafes, I am a coffee bean
  4. Trader Joe's
    Highlights include: Nutty Bits, Garlic Naan, and beets
  5. Punk Rock Flea Market
    Always on the look out for more patches for my jacket. Patch collection list to follow maybe
  6. Fancy Grilled Cheese
    It's fancy bc the mozzarella was apparently made a couple hours before I ate it. Not that my palette is that sophisticated to have me really savor it but they spelled my name right so :)
  7. Made doggy friends
    This is Kevin- he's a rescued chihuahua my cousin's friend found dying in the streets of Seoul SoKo. The only trick he knows is when people make an "ffffffff" sound he'll run up and kiss them right on their mouth
  8. Read some stuff
    Finished a "Handmaid's Tale" and "God is Dead," currently working on "Tenth of December." I bought myself a kindle as a graduation gift and it's one of the best purchases I've ever made
  9. Got over a crush
    Got here thinking "I wonder if he'll text me 😬" Left here thinking "whatever 🙃"
  10. Deactivated my Facebook after coming to terms that social media pretty much just exclusively stresses me out
    Okay yeah I know everyone says that, but I guess I'm just another one of those people. Also I'm just happier to have even less apps on my screen
  11. Sephora trips out the wazoo
    Half the times I didn't even buy anything. But I swear just visiting that store refills my spiritual energy. My closest one back home is an hour 45 minutes away 😒
  12. Saw the Old 97's with my cousin
    Too busy dancing to take any pictures
  13. It's been a good trip.