Just a little girl full of irrational discomfort. Inspired by @biz.
  1. When guys send me selfies on snapchat in response to a story I posted
    In a way, it's almost worse than a dick pic. How am I supposed to respond to this
  2. Having to decide whether or not the cashier wants to talk to me
    A lot of the discomfort I have over this one is the fact that it was only about 2 years ago I found out that I wasn't the only person who did the "It didn't scan? Must be free!" thing. I was mortified. How many CashiersUnited Facebook group posts have I been the catalyst for?
  3. When people compliment me and I don't know how to respond.
    The more sincere, the worse I feel. The more I like a person, the more awkward the situation becomes. Accept, deflect, move on
  4. Hearing other people grunt or moan when doing average things.
    Is something wrong? No? Then you need to stop please
  5. Older, extended family on social media
    Thank god for these filters.
  6. Jelly beans that taste freakishly like other foods
    I don't know why this weirds me out so much but it does. If they could fake the taste of buttered popcorn, what else could they be faking? The bean boozled challenge doesn't gross me out, it terrifies me.
  7. When cats watch me bathe
    We have two Siamese cats. For some reason, whenever I'm running a bath they will howl and scratch at the door to be let in and then sit and watch me bathe. This only happens to me in my family. I probably wouldn't be so uncomfortable if it wasn't for the maintenance of steady eye contact.
  8. Etc.