I firmly believe in the Fraternity of the Coffee Bean. That being said-
  1. "Extra dry cappuccino in a large cup with soy"
    You hate all baristas. Why not just shit on a person's car and not harass them in their place of work
  2. "20 oz iced caramel latte + extra caramel + whipped cream"
    You love milk and hate coffee
  3. "Large iced cappuccino with chocolate"
    You don't know a lot about coffee
  4. "6 pour-overs, to go"
    Drinking hot coffee is not a priority to you and your friends
  5. "1 banana smoothie + 1 banana strawberry smoothie + 1 strawberry banana smoothie with soy + 2 banana smoothies with skim + 1 apricot pear smoothie + 1 V60. And I'm in a hurry actually I've got kids out in the car and only had enough money for 12 minutes in my meter"
    You don't understand how time works. Also can I just add that saying "I'm in a hurry" when there's only one person working and 10 people behind you does absolutely nothing. No one is trying to keep you around, ma'am
  6. "I'll have a red eye but with four shots. The largest size you do."
    You may or may not have a flask of hard liquor in your scrubs pocket. Your family is very worried about you. You're going through some hard times but you're gonna get through this