Inspired by @angela3950 Don't want to miss out on a good title wave! 🌊
  1. My name is Julie-Ann
    I was called Julie until my sophomore year of college. I was so tired of being one of 25 people turning around at the name Julie. So I decided to go by my full first name. I do have a middle name in addition to this mouthful!
  2. My birthday is July 18
    So I usually just combine the two for my user name.
  3. Other usernames I've had:
  4. mijataal
    The first two letters of Michael (hubby), JA for me, Ta for Taylor (daughter #1) and Al for Alexys (daughter #2). I've had this since the days of AOL!!! I still have an email address of this.
  5. Frobee718
    My first instagram handle - I used to drink a frozen coffee drink called a Frozen Bear from a local place. I shortened it to Frobee and made that my instaname! I think that was my Twitter name too.
  6. That's it. Boring!