So good! If you know someone who is adopted or who has adopted, it really gives some insight into their world.
  1. I thought the beginning would be much more suddenly tragic and I'm really glad it wasn't.
    It was a very mild separation but no less tragic.
  2. One of the lines that keeps coming back to me is when Saroo says to his adoptive mother "You didn't get a blank slate like you would have with your own child. When you adopted me you adopted my past too."
    I have a close friend with a son adopted from Ethiopia. He remembers his parents, his mom dying, and the orphanage. He struggles every day with the fact that his real mom died and that his adoptive family stole him from his home. He's only 9 and he's been with them for five years. Countless hours of therapy and things don't seem to be changing for them at all.
  3. I love when Saroo calls from India at the end and says to his parents "You are my mom and dad and this doesn't change anything."
    What a sweet moment for them. They chose him and then he chose them back!
  4. Such a beautiful film with really great performances!!!
    I highly recommend it!